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Treatment Prices

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture Treatment

  • Initial Consultation, Diagnosis and Treatment: £100.00 (approx. time: 1 – 1 ½ hr)

  • Follow on Treatment Sessions: £90.00 (approx. 45min – 1 hour)


  • Initial Consultation and treatment: £100.00 (time: 1hr & 15min)

  • Follow on treatment sessions: £90.00 (time: 1hr)

"The Combo"
Acupuncture &
Reflexology Treatment 

  • Consultation, diagnosis and treatment: £150.00 (approx. time: 1hr 45mins - 2hrs)

The Heathlands TCM Facial Rejuvenation Treatment 

  • Each treatment: £195
    (Approx: 1hr & 45 mins - 2  hrs)                                                 

  • Pay in advance for a course of three    treatments at a discounted rate of £535.00

Children/Teens Tailored Reflexology (ages 7+) 

Many children feel under strain and pressure nowadays from exams, school and social pressures.

Help your child to unwind, ease their stress and improve sleep with one of our tailored, non-invasive reflexology sessions.


Please Note: Parent/guardian must be on site throughout treatment.

  • Initial consultation and treatment £100.00 (time: approx 1hr – 1hr & 15min  (this can vary considerably from child to child)

  • Follow on treatment sessions: £90.00 (time: approx 45min -1hr)

Cancellation Policy

In order to run our business smoothly and allow others the chance of an appointment, we operate a strict 24 hour cancellation policy.

If for any reason whatsoever you do not attend or cancel at the last minute, the full fee for that session will be charged.

Treatment Gift Vouchers

If you know someone who would benefit from treatment with Martine and Natalie, a gift voucher could be the perfect gift.Treatment gift vouchers of differing values are available upon request.

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