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Traditional Chinese Acupuncture

Every patient is unique as conditions vary in nature, duration and severity. Therefore the length and frequency of treatment will depend on the individual case. During the initial consultation, Martine and Natalie will discuss with you the length and frequency of treatment and this will be reviewed regularly along your treatment path.

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture forms one of the therapeutic branches of an ancient integrated system of medicine known as Chinese medicine. Originating in China, and having 2,000 years of undisturbed continuity, it has evolved since then to become the systematic, modern form called traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


TCM acupuncture is considered a safe and effective treatment for both acute and chronic conditions. TCM acupuncture can effectively work alone or as a compliment to Western medicine. Additionally, it can counteract side effects of medication and be used as a preventative measure to benefit and maintain health as it has been proven to strengthen the underlying constitution.

Western medical studies have shown that acupuncture stimulates the brain to produce endorphins and serotonin, which relieve pain and stress and have a positive effect on one’s emotional state.

Neuro scientists have proven with the use of MRI scanners that the deeper structures of the brain

(the limbic system in particular) can be manipulated during acupuncture treatments.  Parallels can be drawn here which help to explain why acupuncture is so effective with pain management.  Parts of the brain literally become less active. This is very exciting as we have a modern day hypothesis that helps explain why acupuncture is so effective in treating pain.

Today, acupuncture is becoming more recognised for its effectiveness and versatility and there continues to be a growing body of scientific evidence demonstrating this.  A greater number of people around the world are turning to TCM for a solution to their health issues and discovering what it can do for them.


Currently, the main governing body in the UK is the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) which ensures a code of ethics, standards of practice and the continuing professional development of all its members.

How Acupuncture Works And What To Expect During Your Treatment

TCM acupuncture works on the premise that for health and well being there must be balance. Numerous factors can affect this balance and interfere with a person’s ability to adapt and move with the flow of life. A person’s emotional state, hereditary factors, physical traumas or poor nutrition and infections can all tip the balance.

If this happens, the body’s energy (Qi) which runs throughout channels (meridians) can become depleted or blocked and this can upset the natural harmony of the body and lead to physical and/or emotional symptoms.

A TCM trained acupuncturist will therefore explore your complaint from the wider perspective of your life and tailor treatments to suit your individual needs. This is why TCM acupuncture is known as a holistic form of treatment; it revolves around you as a person and not just the symptoms you may be suffering.


As well as asking you lots of questions during your consultation, Martine and Natalie, your acupuncturists

will take your pulse and ask to look at your tongue. Once all of this information has been correlated and the nature of the problem taken into account, a unique combination of points will be formulated to treat you. Specific points will be needled along the meridians of your body to nourish and unblock areas where there is stagnation of Qi.


Extremely fine, sterile, single-use disposable needles are used in line with the stringent standards of the BAcC. There may be mild discomfort during needling (usually a dull ache or tingling) but this is momentary. Once all the needles are in place, patients usually feel very relaxed and often fall asleep.


Ancillary treatments like cupping therapy, moxibustion, electro-acupuncture and ear acupuncture may also be used during your treatment but Martine and Natalie will always explain everything to you during the process.

How Can Acupuncture Help You?

The biggest challenge today is to prevent disease in the first place. It is proven that chronic stress is the biggest killer of our times. Perhaps one of the main benefits of TCM acupuncture is it's stress relieving effects on the body. Once the initial needling is complete, many find the treatment very relaxing and calming on the body and a helpful tool for relieving stress and anxiety on a more long term basis. Acupuncture is an excellent natural tool for encouraging good health.


TCM acupuncture effectively treats the root causes of disharmony as well as the manifesting symptoms unlike many medical treatments which just treat your symptoms.

This unique type of approach can pave the way to a more enduring resolution to your condition.


Many individuals turn to acupuncture for help with very specific personal symptoms. Scientific studies have proven unequivocally that acupuncture effectively treats conditions such as nausea, vomiting and Dental pain. Pain associated with osteoarthritis of the knee and pain from tension-type headaches are also effectively treated with acupuncture.


Acupuncture has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for these unwanted ailments. Furthermore, it safely and effectively works alongside Western medicine and is suitable for people of all ages.


Acupuncture can also help people who have sought medical advice but are unable to obtain a definitive diagnosis for their symptoms. For example a person feeling fatigued and depleted of energy on a regular basis or unwell and prone to infections could benefit from acupuncture.

Modern day medicine has come so far but slowly, slowly our medical professionals of today are seeing the benefits of using different tools for our health and realising the necessity to refer back to the wisdom of the ancient.

Some of the conditions that Martine and Natalie have had the opportunity to help patients with during their years of practice thus far are: headaches, migraine, depression, anxiety, back pain, tennis elbow, insomnia, arthritis, IBS, morning sickness and nausea, infertility and gynecological disorders and many more.

Acupuncture old book
The Heathlands TCM Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

This personalised treatment is underpinned with the benefits of traditional Chinese medicine in a more cosmetic context. A wonderfully relaxing facial treatment that addresses your mind and body too. Each step is designed to relax your facial muscles  and promote the health and vitality of your skin in a visible but very natural way. By encouraging lymph drainage and detoxification and more oxygen to the skin through micro-circulation, crucial healing triggers are stimulated. These can help minimise puffiness, improve your complexion, promote collagen and smooth fine lines.


Signature Facial includes:

  • Consultation and Diagnosis

  • Face and Body Acupuncture

  • Cooling and Brightening Collagen Face Mask with Added Vitamin C

  • Relaxing Jade Rolling over Neck, Decolletage and Natural Contours of the Face

  • Gentle Facial Massage with Revitalising Organic Damask Rose Facial Oil

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