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Here’s what some of our patients have to say…

I would like to let you know what a pleasure it is coming to The Heathlands Clinic. You provide a perfect balance of supreme professionalism with serenity and care. I would recommend your treatments to anyone who would like to improve their wellbeing in a most enjoyable way.

Emma K, London

I tried acupuncture treatment because I was suffering from depression, anxiety and stress. Martine was very kind, made me feel comfortable and clearly explained the treatment. After a course of treatments I felt much better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone thinking of trying acupuncture for the first time.

Odair, Head Chef - London

I have visited the Heathlands clinic on a number of occasions for acupuncture treatment and can wholeheartedly recommend it. I have tried acupuncture before as I lead a hectic lifestyle and have a busy job, but have never been back to the same clinic twice - until I met Martine and Natalie. They are both highly professional, very intuitive and meticulous in their approach, but most importantly, I found that the treatments made a huge difference. I visited during a stressful period when I was constantly feeling under the weather and not sleeping well, and was very impressed by the immediate and lasting improvement they had on my general well-being, and in particular my sleeping habits. I used to have massages to relax but I found their benefits to be short lived, whereas the acupuncture I receive from Martine and Natalie has lasting effects on my general health and stress levels. They are two of the best therapists I have experienced in years of trying alternative therapists.

I consider the acupuncture treatment at the clinic to be an excellent investment in my healthcare and also recommend their reflexology as a compliment to this.

Scott F, International Director, London - BMI Healthcare


​I have suffered with a back pain on and off for many years. I was recommended to the Heathlands Clinic through a friend who was also having treatment for back pain there. I saw Natalie for a series of treatments and am very happy with my progress. I only come now for maintenance sessions once a month and am feeling a lot better, more comfortable and no longer need to take painkillers.


Thank you Natalie for your wonderful care and support.

Milena, Student - London

Dear Martine Vegoda,

On the 10th March 2011, I made with great difficulty and considerable pain, the 200 yard journey from my flat to your consulting room. I felt even older than my nearly 78 years. I was suffering severe back pain and shooting pain down my legs. I knew from the X-rays and MRI scan that my back was in a poor way. It seemed I would spend the rest of my life on pain killers and my energetic life style would have to change.

Today I am able once again to enjoy long walks and going to the gym pain free and with full mobility. In addition my wife says not only has my energy been markedly enhanced but my moods are lighter.

I attribute all these changes to your skill not only as an acupuncturist but also to your professional and empathetic presentation. I look forward to my visits, to your inviting and warm consulting room, both for the physical benefits I know I gain but also for the opportunity to relax in a nurturing atmosphere. As a psychotherapist I am very aware it is what the therapist gives of him/herself which is the most important factor in a treatment. I have a sense it is the same in your work and I feel you give so much when you are treating me. Thank you for markedly improving my happiness.

I am aware you are limited to how you are able to present your work but I would like you to use this letter in any way that will help others to be more aware of how acupuncture may help them.
Best wishes
Yours sincerely,

Ralph (CBE), Psychotherapist - London

I initially sought acupuncture at the Heathlands clinic for help with my menstrual cycle. For years I had suffered with an erratic cycle, excruciating stomach cramps and migraine attacks; they really were pulling me down emotionally and affecting my work and family life. My tummy regularly felt bloated and heavy and my digestion and bowel habits were chaotic. Hospital scans and blood tests had shown I had polycystic ovaries. I was prescribed the contraceptive pill to try and help regulate my period and alleviate my symptoms but did not want to be reliant on pills indefinitely. After a detailed consultation on my first visit with Martine I began a course of weekly acupuncture treatments. After my second treatment I had my first proper period and from then on I just kept feeling better and better as my body seemed to right itself. I cannot rate the practitioners at the Heathlands clinic highly enough. Even though my initial problems are now resolved I still keep coming back and now see Martine or Natalie for acupuncture because it makes me feel so good.

Jacqueline, House Keeper - London

An article about Martine & Natalie Vegoda - published in the Ham & High newspaper on 13th March 2014


Dear Martine,

I thought as I am coming towards the end a year of treatments with you. I would drop you a note to tell you the amazing benefits you have affected in my life. You have helped me in respect of sleeping, respiratory and lung assistance. In addition, by the regime of coming to see you once a week to help with problems as they arise. It is the maintenance of my body which is key and I am most grateful for the caring and professional manner in which you conduct your expertise. Thanks again and wishing everyone well. I am looking forward to continuing your sustaining excellence.
My very best wishes,

Jack - London


I found Natalie at the Heathlands Clinic from the British acupuncture council’s website and am so thankful. I spend many hours at my desk on the computer with work and was experiencing terrible pain in my arm and shoulder. I did not know what to expect having never had acupuncture before but I felt immediate relief after my very first treatment with her. Not only has my pain subsided, I now feel so much more relaxed and less stressed and I definitely think I have more energy. I would recommend Natalie to anyone.

Natasha, Legal Secretary - London

I started coming to the Heathlands Clinic for reflexology in august as a way of de-stressing from a very demanding and hectic life style. I can honestly say that it is the one day of the week that I look forward to the most for some one on one time, peace, quiet and pampering. As soon as my treatment begins I literally feel my tension and stress ease away. My whole body starts to relax even though it is only my feet being worked on. I have certainly noticed the benefits and will continue to treat myself to this wonderful therapy.

Rose, Nurse - London

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