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A Tailored Approach


Along with healing Reflexology, Martine and Natalie practice the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) approach to good health.

Their approach is to view the body as a system of interconnected organs and meridians, through which Qi flows to power body function and maintain health; disruptions in Qi flow cause symptoms and create illness.


When you visit Martine and Natalie in clinic, they will take you through an in depth consultation. They will look to identify and treat the root cause of your symptoms and health concerns and place all focus on you as a whole person and how you are functioning; not just your symptoms in isolation.


They do not abide by the ever present 'one size fits all' mentality; every patient they see will end up with a bespoke treatment plan.


By stepping back and looking at 'the bigger picture' and assessing how you are functioning on an individual basis, Martine and Natalie are better equipt at being able to help restore you to optimal health and promote your physical and emotional well-being.


If there is a part of your body that is ailing, treatment will not be focussing on masking symptoms but be working towards helping your body to repair and re-balance itself. It is this specific approach that facilitates being able to treat many health complaints right accross the board.

Martine and Natalie take the unusual approach of treating their patients together. This came about many years ago after being required to work as a team to help a  patient with extensive mobility challenges. Their patient was very forthcoming at the time with positive feedback and they too found it to be an extremely efficient and natural way of working. Their unique manner of working together continues to offer their patients a very safe and secure healing experience to this day.

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