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Founded by two sisters on completion of their studying and training together, The Heathlands Clinic offers traditional acupuncture and reflexology treatments. Our practitioners work as a close team and pride themselves on their experience and continual professional development of knowledge within their fields.

The Heathlands Clinic is committed to offering complimentary and alternative health care of the highest standards of safety and quality.

Differing from a Western medicininal approach, at the Heathlands Clinic our practitioners always treat their patients holistically treating the whole person (mind, body and spirit) rather than isolated signs and symptoms.

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Acupuncture forms one of the therapeutic branches of an ancient integrated system of medicine known as Chinese medicine. Originating in China, and having 2,000 years of undisturbed continuity, it has evolved since then to become the systematic, modern form called traditional Chinese medicine.

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Reflexology is an ancient holistic therapy based on the principle that all of the organs and systems of the body are mirrored through a network of zones and reflex areas on the feet. Energetically, all of these zones and reflexes are connected through a number of meridians.

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